This story falls into the category of Comedy, and you may experience laughing, shaking your head, and an intense desire to eat chocolate. You have been duly warned.

This tale is about a “humble” master chef in the making, Bob Bobson, his friends Eric Ericson and Jerry Jerryson, and their misadventures around the Sims world. While they may experience drama from time to time, our trio of characters never fails to find some sort of adventure.

I began writing this story and first published it in late April of 2015, on a different site. I now update it there, as well as the Sims Forums and now here as well, though my updates may be sporadic. Please note that it is not due to a lack of interest, but due to real life influences (and other games calling my name). I hope you enjoy this Story Of A Sim!

The first chapter may be found here or the chapter list can be accessed here